Jef Van Buggenhout (1937-2020) - Between East and West - Oil on Panel - Belgium - 1994


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Jef Van Buggenhout (1937-2020) - Between East and West - Oil on Panel - Belgium - 1994

Jef Van Buggenhout is a tormented spirit, but at the same time a passionate painter. With an irony bordering on cynicism, he takes aim at the politics and culture of our society in sometimes large paintings.

Small panels represent emotions, human heads (usually men) emit cries or express wonder or mental pain. Sometimes they have nothing human anymore and are abstracted animal feelings that have been reduced to their essence.

Jef Van Buggenhout is not a fine painter. His depictions are coarse and rudimentary, the brushstroke is heavy and manifestly present. He paints quickly and impulsively, eliminating fears and frustrations. Together with the predominantly dark color palette, this gives the paintings a penetrating character. Not easy work to process, but work that invites reflection.

A spark of color can only be found in a limited number of works. Jef had a gloomy worldview, which was also reflected in his literary choices: heavily philosophical works, poetry, and worldview literature.

His portrait art is inspired by the work of highly admired artists such as Jean Rustin, Gottfried Hellwein, Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud and Sam Dillemans.

We offer you here one of the few colorful works by the late Jef Van Buggenhout, a beautiful work of art by a painter who has so far been greatly underestimated!

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