Paul Cleempoel: 'Portrait of an older woman' - Neo-expressionism - Oil on canvas - Belgium - 1970-1979


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Paul Cleempoel: 'Portrait of an older woman' - Neo-expressionism - Oil on canvas - Belgium - 1970-1979

Beautiful expressionist portrait of an older woman by De Wase painter Paul Cleempoel, oil on canvas and signed.
Paul Cleempoel was born in Beveren on January 11, 1937. He then ended up in Hamme. He became a teacher of creativity, ornamental drawing and plastic education at the Free Technical School in Sint-Niklaas and remained so until his retirement in 1993.

Paul Cleempoel is not an academically trained artist. He became a painter because the circumstances during his youth were favorable to develop his latent talent.

Painting was the main thing. He did individual exhibitions from 1961, although he kept it very limited. An exhibition in Sint-Amands (on the Scheldt) brought one of his works to the collection of the respected art connoisseur and art patron Maurits Naessens, which earned him a ticket for the 1968 exhibition 'The Young Painter'. Antwerp inspired him to paint watercolors again. For him, changing technology is a means of innovation, since every material requires its own specific treatment.

Paul Cleempoel recognizes himself in the statement of the Latem artist Hubert Malfait (1898-1971): "I cannot paint the Lys because it is too poetic. I miss the angular, the chunky. I cannot write about everything, can don't paint everything. There are subjects that appeal to me, that I admire, there are those that mean little or nothing at all to me. Each subject requires a specific style, technique. Each material can also be processed in its own way."

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