Pol Mara: 'Untitled' - Art Print - Belgium - 1970-1979


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Pol Mara: 'Untitled' - Surrealism - Art Print - Belgium - 1970-1979

Beautiful, large art print by the Belgian surrealist artist Pol Mara, professionally framed in an aluminum frame behind glass. The work shows a painting woman with a palette and paint, a typical image for Mara's oeuvre.

Pol Mara, pseudonym for Louis Leysen, is a Belgian artist born in 1920 and died in 1998. He was a painter, lithographer and draftsman. He trained at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and at the National Higher Institute of Fine Arts. At the beginning of his career he worked as a surrealist painter and then switched to lyrical abstraction in the 1950s. With contemporaries such as Paul Van Hoeydonck, Mark Verstockt, Filip Tas and Dan Vanseveren, he founded the Antwerp avant-garde group G-58 Hessenhuis in 1958.

He then drew and painted figures with round heads in a spotty world in which the spots ultimately take over. In the 1960s, Pol Mara introduced photorealistic elements into his work, connecting with the emerging mass communication by interweaving elements from the world of television, film and illustrated magazines in his works. In doing so, he ventured into the field of pop art in the footsteps of Robert Rauschenberg. Pol Mara painted a dream world in which beautiful young women appear, often in light undergarments. His figures therefore show a kinship with the world of fashion magazines and advertising. He painted the portrait of Chanel model Patricia van Ryckeghem. With this pure, aesthetic world, Pol Mara wanted to protest against all the injustice and ugliness in our society.

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