Collection of 7 lithographic school cards: 'Greek and Roman warfare' - Germany - 1930-1939


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Collection of 7 lithographic school cards: 'Greek and Roman warfare' - Germany - 1930-1939

Rare, impressive collection of seven lithographic school maps about the various aspects of Greek and Roman warfare. Manufactured in the pre-war 1930s by the well-known German publishing house Koehler & Volckemar in Leipzig. the beautiful lithographs are by Hermann Springer, also from Leipzig. In various states (see photos) due to use and age, this collection provides a very special decorative added value to many interiors.

Koehler & Volckmar was founded by Friedrich Volckmar as a bookseller and the company expanded into a supplier of educational equipment and books. They are still active. Archival material from this publishing house is located in the Saxon State Archives and the Leipzig State Archives. Today the company operates under the name Koch, Neff and Volckmar.

The cards contain the following topics:
- Milites Graeci: an overview of the different Greek soldiers, armaments and costumes
- Overview of the different Roman soldiers, armaments and costumes
- Domus Graeca: construction and lifestyle of a Greco-Roman villa
- Navigia: overview of the different warships used by the Greeks and Romans
- Overview of Roman architectural style(s)
- Overview of Roman and Greek defensive and offensive weapons during a storm
- Castra Romana: overview map of the construction of a Roman army camp

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