Straatman (Angel Vergara): 'Tarif' - Surrealism - Color lithography (76/150) - Spain - 1990-1999


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Straatman (Angel Vergara): 'Tarif' - Surrealism - Color lithography (76/150) - Spain - 1990-1999

Rare color lithograph (76/150) titled 'Tarif' from the series 'Maison belge, Supermarché de l'année' by the Spanish surrealist Angel Vergara under his pseudonym Straatman. Signed in pencil by the master (as well as title and edition). Professionally framed.

Angel Vergara (Mieres, 1958) is a Spanish film director and artist. He has lived in Brussels since the 1990s. Vergara immerses herself in the Belgian surrealist tradition. He focuses on the art world and criticizes its economic aspects. Through his works he creates a new, floating reality. This arises from the personal dialogue between the artist and reality, which are changed by his images.

Maison belge, Supermarché de l'année refers to a similar installation and exhibition Supermarché de l'Année that Angel Vergara set up in the Belgian House in Cologne in 1995. There the artist created a supermarket where only apples were sold. Angel Vergara wants to show that there is more than just the economic price of a work of art: in the end, when a work of art is sold, only the materialization of an idea is sold, the ideas themselves are not for sale. It is about the transactions, the relationships between people, the exchange of ideas or the sale of things. Straatman – one of Vergara's alter egos – is always present in one way or another. Here, in Maison belge, Supermarché de l'année , he is on the banknotes.

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