Art Nouveau pot à tabac Beauvaisis - Brown glazed grès, pewter - France - Late 19th century


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Art Nouveau pot à tabac Beauvaisis - Brown glazed grès, pewter - France - Late 19th century

Beautiful pot à tabac Beauvaisis (tobacco jar) from the late 19th century French Art Nouveau period in brown glazed grès (stoneware) with an impressive floral decor. With typical tin cap.

Thanks to the richness of its clay soil, Beauvaisis has experienced an exceptional influence through the proliferation of its high-quality ceramics. In the 14th century, this know-how underwent a major revolution with the development of sandstone, called "Terre de Beauvais", in Saint-Germain-la-Poterie. Sandstone is a terracotta that provides a thin, impermeable and slightly vitrified wall after firing between 1150° and 1350°C. This new material makes Beauvaisis reputation. The elegance of the pieces, the finesse and the quality of the finish made Beauvaisin stoneware a fashionable product in the 15th and 16th centuries. These pieces, as well as glazed earthenware, including the famous Passion dishes produced in Savignies, were then exported throughout the Kingdom of France, as well as Belgium, the Netherlands and Great Britain.

It was not until the second half of the 19th century that Beauvaisis again became an important ceramic center with the creation of art bakers such as Jules Ziegler and Auguste Delaherche who brought a new artistic impulse, but also through the creation of bricks, tiles, stoneware paving stones and architectural ceramics.

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