Wall vase in Flemish pottery - Willemyns - Bruges, Belgium - 1930-1939


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Wall vase in Flemish pottery - Willemyns - Bruges, Belgium - 1930-1939

Beautiful, polychrome glazed wall vase with floral decor from Flemish (Bruges) earthenware by the potters family Willemyns from Kortrijk/Bruges.

Robert Willemyns (1879-1935) who ran a pottery from 1911 in Kortrijk and from 1929 in Bruges in Sint-Pietersgroenstraat was ancestrally related to the Torhout potters of Antonius Franciscus Willemyns (1747-1799). His wife, Florentine Coeman and the four children assisted him in the business, together with Achille Nys (master guest), Michel Sandra (moulder), Florimond Sandra (painter) and Alfonds Baert (potter). After Robert's death in 1935, his eldest son, Robert Jr. (1902-1985) took over the company. The company was temporarily shut down during mobilization in 1939. After the war, the poterie flamande had little success. The later attempt to launch and commercialize a new range of decorative pottery consisting of bowls, plates and dishes also failed. In the 1980s, Robert Jr. shut down operations for good.

Status report: in good condition, firing error on the back
Dimensions: 24x6x9cm
Weight: 0.5kg

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