Dogon 'Nommo Shicouroulé' statue - Niongom/Dogo, Mali - Tropical wood (minu) - 1930-1939


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Dogon 'Nommo Shicouroulé' statue - Niongom, Mali - Tropical wood (minu) - 1930-1939

This beautiful anthropomorphic sculpture in tropical, patinated minu wood shows a figure standing at an angle with the arms resting along the body. These statues were called 'Nommo Shicouroulé' by the Niongom, a pre-Dogon people, and traditionally follow the natural curvature of the tree branch from which it is carved. The statues are said to embody the original human, created by the god Ama. The original Niongom figures were placed in family altars and are extremely rare. Although this later reproduction is also of a particularly high quality.

Status report: in good condition considering age and use
Dimensions: 52.5x15x31cm
Weight: 2kg

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