Mangbetu terracotta pitcher - DR Congo - 1920-1939


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Mangbetu terracotta pitcher - DR Congo - 1920-1939

Rare early 20th century terracotta water jug in the shape of a woman from the Mangbetu tribe in what was then Zaire, now the Democratic Republic of Congo. Typical anthropomorphic Mangbetu art with an ode to beauty, elegance and femininity.

The Mangbetu is an African tribe that is part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and lives in the Orientale province. The people of this tribe produced a wide variety of highly developed arts and music, such as harps, guitars, pots and other crafts. Their jars are still prominent on the contemporary art spectrum, and those built in the tribe's early days are sold for high prices to collectors.

The people of the Mangbetu tribes are known today for their elongated heads, according to tradition, when a baby is born in the tribe, their soft heads are tightly wrapped with cloth to form it into a long protruding shape. This long-standing practice is still a custom today as it is a mark of beauty in Mangbetu culture.

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