Etching 'The Rubens Castle - Het Steen' - Signed - Belgium - 1977


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Etching 'The Rubens Castle - Het Steen' - Signed - Belgium - 1977

Beautiful etching (391/400) of the Antwerp Rubens castle, 'Het Steen', signed with dedication and reference to the Rubens celebrations of 1977. Professionally framed.

Het Steen is a castle in Elewijt, Belgium and is often also referred to as Het Kasteel van Elewijt or Het Rubenskasteel. Het Steen was created in the 11th century from a motte castle, a large wooden building with a watchtower on an artificial hill. It was built to protect the land of Grimbergen against the Duchy of Brabant. Around the year 1300 a stone fortress was erected in its place. The lord of Korbeek, Jan Cools, was the owner from 1619. However, he was deeply in debt and was forced to sell the dilapidated castle in 1631. Peter Paul Rubens then bought it for the handsome sum of 93,000 Carolus guilders; he had it thoroughly renovated and lived there from 1635 until his death in 1640, together with his second wife Hélène Fourment. Many of his famous paintings are landscapes from Elewijt, the most famous of which is 'Autumn landscape with a view of the Steen'.

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