African bronze collection (3) - Cire perdu - Nigeria - 1950-1959


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African bronze collection (3) - Cire perdu - Nigeria - 1950-1959

Beautiful collection of sculptures in polychrome African bronze, manufactured according to the lost wax process (cire perdu). On the one hand is a pique fleur, held by an indigenous girl in traditional costume. On the other hand, a vide poche in the form of an indigenous boy in traditional costume. Finally, an image of an animated canoe trip with three tribal figures.

The name of the lost wax technique already reveals that this method of iron casting uses wax. Wax is used to form the casting molds. Naturally, a soft form of wax cannot withstand red-hot liquid iron. That is why the wax molds are first immersed several times in a protective liquid. Finally, a number of layers of ceramic powder form the refractory top layer of the mold. When all heat-resistant protection has been applied and the ceramic top layer forms a solid whole, the wax is removed using steam. This explains why we speak of the 'lost wax method', as the wax is lost in this process. After the ceramic molds are fired at a high temperature, they are ready for use, and the actual iron casting can begin.

Status report: in good condition
Dimensions: Height statues +/- 25cm, boat length +/- 30cm
Weight: 2kg

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