Antique Art Nouveau barbotine vase - France - 1900-1919


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Antique Art Nouveau barbotine vase - France - 1900-1919

Exceptional antique French Art Nouveau in barbotine with beautiful organic, floral design.

Barbotine is pottery decorated freehand, with imposed slip motifs applied with a pipette. The technique was first used on Rhenish pottery from before the 3rd century BC, replacing decorative relief shapes. The engobe decoration was applied as a border to decorate the edges of flat dishes with small flowers and other motifs. The technique was used again in the middle and late 19th century, but was unpopular because pieces of the engobe quickly came loose due to problems with firing.

Status report: in good condition
Dimensions: 21.5x12x15cm
Weight: 1kg

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