Soil find Chinese zodiac - Song dynasty - Terracotta - China - 960-1279


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Soil find Chinese zodiac - Song dynasty - Terracotta - China - 960-1279

Exceptional and rare archaeological find from China under the Song dynasty between the 10th and 13th centuries. This concerns 6 terracotta horoscope animal images from the Chinese zodiac. In exceptionally good condition considering its age and rarely on the market. The statues depict the snake, the dragon, the rabbit, the monkey, the dog and the sheep in a special way.

The Song Dynasty (960-1279) was a dynasty in China. At the time of the Song Dynasty, China was reunited for the first time since the fall of the Tang Dynasty in 907. During the intervening years known as the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, China was divided between a northern and a southern part in which the various governments replaced each other at a rapid pace. The Song dynasty did much to develop the cities, not only for administrative purposes but also as centers for trade, industry and merchant shipping. In the cultural field, many of the developments made in previous centuries were refined. This included the ideal of the universal man who united the arts of the student, poet, painter and statesman, but also historiography, calligraphy and porcelain making. The Tsong dynasty ended in 1279 with the invasion of the Mongols.

Status report: in good condition considering age, use and area of invention
Dimensions: various, average 11x8x14cm
Weight: 1.6kg

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