Antique advertising poster Phosphatine - Posters Atar Genève - Switzerland - 1900-1929


Antique advertising poster Phosphatine - Posters Atar Genève - Switzerland - 1900-1929

Beautiful, early 20th century advertising poster for 'Phosphatine, l'aliment parfait de bébé' by the historic Swiss graphics company Atar in Geneva. Next to the Phosphatine logo we see a smiling baby under a colorful shop awning with the accompanying words gai (cheerful) and fort (strong) or with Phosphatine your baby will be happy and strong. Professionally framed behind plexiglass.

Phosphatine is a cereal-based porridge, enriched with calcium phosphate and intended for infant formula. It was a brand name created by the French pharmacist Émile Falières. In the nineteenth century, pharmacist Emile Falières demonstrated the importance of phosphates in food. It was he who was at the origin of the Phosphatine Falières, whose history is probably remembered only by the beautiful advertisements that were published. At the beginning of the twentieth century, it was the Maison Chassaing that took over and promoted the product.

Founded as a company in 1896 under the name "Société Genevoise d'Edition", the company adopted the name Atar in 1905, a contraction of "Ateliers Artistiques". The company's original mission was to print newspapers and all literary or artistic works as well as printing, lithographs, etchings and binding. Atar is also recognized as a specialist in artistic (advertising) posters, of which a very rich collection is among the company's assets.

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